Bridging the Pharmaceutical Supply Chain Gaps

We are Bridging The Pharmaceutical Supply Chain Gaps to help you source, manage, & Sell medicine. Anywhere, anytime.







Our Focus

We Provide

We are an end-to-end platform, covering the whole supply chain making the interaction between all the entities easy, efficient, and low cost.


We Automate your procurement processes and streamline inventory management


Process orders efficiently and meet supply chain demands effortlessly


Connect with a vast network of distributors and pharmacies, expanding market reach effortlessly

Solving your management problems for you :

Gone are the days of manual labor

Thanks to technological advancements in healthcare, you can now automate your pharmacy processes. Do away with human-centered errors with a convenient management solution.

It's time to boost efficiency and cut costs with streamlined processes. Let's tackle those manual issues head-on and revolutionize how you manage your pharmacy.

What you stand to Benefit:

Let us elevate your pharmacy game with automation. Experience the convenience, efficiency, and simplicity of Jungopharm.

24/7 Business Monitoring
Remote Sales Tracking via Mobile App
Prompt Sourcing & Order Receiving
Stock, Expiry, and Reorder Alerts
Staff Role Assignments & Performance Monitoring
Access New Markets by Digitising Your Pharmacy
Why We Do What We Do

Why choose Jungopharm?

Our platform is tailor-made for pharmacy users like you. We're here to bridge the pharmaceutical gap, making supply chain processes efficient and transparent.

That's why we're called Jungopharm - "Jungo," Latin for bridge, embodies our mission.

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Teaming up with us

Join industry leaders like I&M Churpy and Duqha in optimising pharmaceutical operations.

What Our Customer Say

Jungopharm has excellent and expeditious customer service, an extremely professional company, and goes the extra mile until you are satisfied. The app functions perfectly (with minimal glitches) I highly recommend it; go for it! You will be more than glad to have it at your pharmacy

Crowmed Pharmacy Dr. Kelvin Osoo