Jungopharm Stakeholders

We offer a wide range of quality medicine for consumers, saving them from the hassle of moving from one pharmacy to another. With Jungopharm, consumers can upload their prescriptions online and have their medicine delivered to them from their local pharmacist at ideal prices..

Jungopharm Stakeholders

Pharmacists are on the frontline in making healthcare accessible to all. We are determined to take the burden off their shoulders by automating the procurement process by bridging the gap between pharmacies and distributors.

Jungopharm Stakeholders

Through Jungopharm, distributors can process orders, plan for procurement, and meet supply chain demands. The reports and financial data help them in decision-making and venturing into new markets.

Jungopharm Stakeholders

We give manufacturers the power to plan and execute their supply chain strategies faster and more profitably by connecting them with a ready market of distributors and pharmacies.



Jungopharm is a technology that builds commerce infrastructure for the health industry. Our easy-to-use platform gives you the power to buy and sell medicine, accelerate into new markets, and grow revenue, whether you join us as a pharmacy owner, clinic, hospital, distributor, or manufacturer. We offer an intersection for all sides of the spectrum- the manufacturer, retailer, pharmacy, & the end user, consumer- by bridging the gap through technology and making healthcare accessible to all. We streamline the healthcare system by providing businesses with tools that meet their needs. Headquartered in Nairobi, with a global operation outlook, Jungopharm aims to be the globally trusted health partner for all.

slashWHY US?

The minds behind Jungopharm saw the inefficiencies in the pharmaceutical supply chain and experienced it first hand while trying to source for medicine at different levels of the chain (consumer and pharmacy). Seamless and easy-to-use platform that lets health providers manage and buy all their pharmaceutical and medical products in one place. We decided to apply tech to BRIDGE the Gap hence the birth of Jungopharm (Jungo is latin for bridge)

You can easily shop for products

Jungopharm combines the use of unmatched technology, supply chain innovation, financial solutions, and product knowledge to give you the power to buy and sell pharmaceuticals and health products

No more surprises at the checkout counter

You've got multiple payment methods supported. 30-day, 90-day, and 6-months supply and auto reorder options.

We take care of the details for you

We'll always have our partner specialists on call 24/7, working with your insurance company of choice, to deliver your refills on time.