You no longer have to worry about sourcing, logistics & procurement of your stock from distributors & manufacturers . We've experienced your struggle & we have a solution for you.

Pharmacies often face challenges while sourcing for their stock. They have to call approximately 8 vendors daily & sit on hold as they wait for their turn to inquire about their stock, place their order & schedule for delivery. To curb this lengthy process pharmacies can now go through their purchasing process in minutes using Jungopharm.

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Benefits Achieved

As a distributor you'll get to enjoy the following things

Market Exposure

Showcase your products to our existing network of distributors, reaching new markets effortlessly

New Market Opportunities

Access new market linkages and penetrate markets with ease, saving time and resources

Digital Availability

Make your line items available digitally, tapping into the growing online marketplaces

Convenient Ordering

Showcase your items through Jungopharm and conveniently receive real-time order quotes, streamlining the procurement process

Product Tracking & Analysis

Gain insights into product performance with advanced tracking and analysis tools, empowering data-driven decision-making

Cost Revenue

Increased revenue from getting a wider reach to pharmacies you didn't have purchasing from you