You no longer have to worry about sourcing, logistics & procurement of your stock from distributors & manufacturers . We’ve experienced your struggle & we have a solution for you.

Pharmacies often face challenges while sourcing for their stock. They have to call approximately 8 vendors daily & sit on hold as they wait for their turn to inquire about their stock, place their order & schedule for delivery. To curb this lengthy process pharmacies can now go through their purchasing process in minutes using Jungopharm.

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Benefits Achieved

As a pharmacy you'll get to enjoy the following things

Cost reduction

Access to a bigger market share & access real time data on the performance of your products


We ensure a successful fulfillment and delivery of all your orders in a safe and timely manner


Worry no more about logistics. We have a partner with a reach of over 20 warehouses countrywide that can fulfill last mile deliveries to your customers


We provide real time analytics to your brand performance which can assist in helping you make key decisions involving your products

Cost Revenue

We connect you to a network of distributors, giving you visibility of the entire supply chain, access new markets and increase revenue

Staff Management

Manage your staff, track their sales remotely across various devices